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Aurora Parts & Accessories has remained vigilant during the COVID-19 outbreak to keep the health and wellness of our associates in mind. We continue to keep masks, social distancing and temperature checks in place for all onsite employees. Leveraging technology has allowed all support staff to work from home minimizing the risk to warehouse associates. Our leadership team continues to review and increase safety measures as the environment changes.

How We're Responding to the Crisis:

Masks and Gloves for Employees
Masks or face coverings are required when the social distance rule of more than 6 feet separation is not possible. Medical masks and face coverings are available upon request by employee. All Employees are to wear gloves of some type when working in the warehouse. Due to tasks requirements, warehouse associates will be able to remove face masks, as 6 feet or more distance will be necessary for the majority of work completion.

Social Distancing
Team work stations have been divided to enhance warehouse associate separation to accommodate social distancing. Pre-shift meetings have been split into smaller teams and in a location that allows the group to be 6 feet apart. Employee break times have been changed to smaller groups at different times to allow for social distancing in the breakroom and the outdoor patio.

Temperature Checks
Employee temperature is taken using a non-contact infrared thermometer before shift and as needed throughout the shift. Employees with a temperature that exceeds 100 degrees F are required to leave work and suggested to seek medical advice. To return, an employee needs to be fever free without medication for a minimum of 24 hours.

Minimal External Interactions
All non-essential visitors are not permitted to access the building. No internal mail deliveries. Programs with as many carriers as possible are faceless, paperwork transactions so that the drivers can drop or pick up loads without entering the facility or seeing an Aurora employee. Customer pickups have been changed to curbside pickup and no signature required paperwork. All other truck drivers have a very limited access to the building, just a few feet inside the door and then asked to wait outside after identification. Port-o-lets were put outside for drivers to use. Inbound shipments are electrostatically sprayed and allowed to set 15 minutes prior to offloading. All office personnel have moved to remote working with only approved onsite special projects.

Enhanced Cleaning Practices
All surfaces with any human contact of each piece equipment (forktrucks, stock picker, passenger cart, reach trucks) except electronic dashboards are sprayed and wiped down with Spray Nine and Clorox wipes. This is done at the start, middle and end of each shift (or as necessary to meet individual needs). All RF scanners, banders, hand tools, utility knives, etc. are wiped down no less than 3 times per shift daily. All door handles, light switches, door windows, door plates, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. are cleaned and sanitized twice daily. All restrooms are professionally sanitized by Cintas with a sanitizing solution and a recovery system to sanitize all tile and porcelain surfaces (floor, toilets, countertops, sinks).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Aurora Parts & Accessories is an essential business and continues to hire direct full-time and temp to hire employees.

To keep applicants safe, all first steps of recruitment and onboarding are done through an online portal.

Yes. Manufacturing, repair and maintenance of transportation equipment is part of our nation’s critical infrastructure. The President's coronavirus directive stresses the need for employees to continue to work at companies that support critical infrastructure. All Aurora Employees, fall within that category. Aurora has maintained operations with no layoffs or furloughs.

Aurora has implemented the mask and glove wearing, social distancing, temperature checks, minimal external interactions, and enhanced cleaning practices to keep employees safe at work. Details listed above.


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