March 17, 2020

Dear Valued Business Parntners,

The health and wellness of our associates, dealers, fleets, partners and communities are at the forefront of our minds and actions as we address the COVID-19 outbreak. Our leadership team continues to give thoughtful consideration to potential impacts to our business and yours and ways to ensure business continuity.

  • We remain fully staffed and operational at all distribution centers
  • We believe that transportation is even more important in times of crisis and are resolved to continue to provide our support and service during these trying times
  • We have implemented additional protocols to assure the continued health and safety of our distribution teams
  • We have activated continuity plans that enable a great number of our support staff to work from home leveraging state of the art digital collaboration tools
  • We are working with the supplier base to assure the aftermarket remains a top priority
  • We have increased our inventory position in several product categories to assure continued availability

In times of crisis, the importance of our supply chains, information technology and commerce become amplified. We are acutely aware of the critical role our customers play in assuring the continuity of the supply chains that are so critical to the health and well-being of our population.

We are committed to supporting you, communicating with you, and remaining your trusted partner as we navigate this unprecedented chapter together.

Our hearts, minds and daily efforts are with you and our entire Aurora family during this difficult time.

Be Well and Safe,

Brad Fulkerson
President and CEO


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